The Dining Room

Fighting about money is exhausting..
Even though Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and I have a lot to be thankful for-I found myself becoming victim of our consumer-centic society.
You see, since we moved  in to our house in August we have yet to furnish our dining room (which flows right into the living room)..Well ok thats a lie. We do have a dining room table and chairs..but they are crap-from college…and bareley holding together. 
The Mistake
We made the mistake of going to an amish furniture store and drooling over a beautiful set of table and chairs-that cost over $3,000. Before we knew it, we began seriously contemplating a purchase. I mean, sure we have the money in our savings…but what about everything else that needs to be paid for? hello STUDENT LOANS. 
We Forgot
When we went into house buying mode this summer we started hoarding cash and basically stopped making our extra payments towards the loans. Now fast forward 4 months and we are still hoarding cash (and have spent a lot of it on the house).. We have somewhat built up a savings cushion and are still figuring out what are monthly expenses look like. 
We Fought
When we began to deliberate the purchase we found ouselves disagreeing about how much money we should spend. It also dawned on us that we really don’t have a “game plan” for paying off our student loans. Over the last few years we just threw whatever we could at the loans and that was that. Now that we have more expenses and more responsibility the game gets a littke trickier. Just how much can we afford? What is the safe amount of savings to have? 
So as you might guess the dining room set is on hold for now. What are you waiting to purchase until your financial situation improves? 
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2 Responses to The Dining Room

  1. I’m waiting to buy just about anything until I’ve relocated and have my loan payments down! I cannot wait to buy a new mattress and some home decor but I have to hold off until I’m at the new digs and have the cash!

  2. I love the dining room set in that picture. It is gorgeous. I understand what you mean about not having a game plan. We only recently started working on that seriously.

    For some reason out of all of the different furniture that I have ever purchased I have not been interested in buying a formal dining set or a formal bedroom set, as much as I love the look of them.

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