The Juice

Welcome to Save.Earn.love. I am a 20’s something lady living in the Midwest. I am a professional bean counter-I am very thankful for my job. It’s challenging, interesting, and it pays well. I am also married –hubby is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. We are travel- loving adventure- seeking helpless dreamers.  Oh.. and I am an addicted crafter-I LOVE crocheting, soap making, and baking. Any other crafters out there?

The Hitch

We also graduated from school with a lot of debt…lets call it about 60k.  yikes. It’s depressing.. it holds us back..and drives us crazy. We want to pay back this debt ASAP.

Why I am Here

I have spent a lot of time learning about debt and how to pay it off.  We have spent the last year working on our frugal practices… from coupons, to homemade laundry detergent, to new budgeting strategies.  I am here to share my experiences and continue to learn more about money.


Contact: save.earn.love@gmail.com



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